New year maintenance

Improvement 6 months ago Memo Updates,


Improvements to onboarding flow - views, alignment and layouts changed

Snackbar duration customisable

Better internet connectivity and offline handling

User management

MemoSMS OTP system fixed

BackIR on secondary add medication button

BackIR on community module

An easier way to secure your profile

New 7 months ago Memo Updates,

If we detect that your profile isn't as secure as it should be, we automatically prompt you to update your security preferences. Just another way the Memo team is looking out for you.

We have also added a few pointers on security to our tutorials section: Security tips for Memo Health Assistant

Massive updates to the app

Improvement 9 months ago Memo Updates,

More intelligent: 

  • Memo Can now recognise over 7000 medications completely OFFLINE :)

More thoughtful: 

  • Countless hours spent on User Experience and making processes more streamlined, Simplicity is everything


  • Uses less data than before, smallest install size ever